Born of noble blood to proud parents, Asmodai was what any Cheliaxian would hope to be, a Tiefling. Said to have the blood of the Archdevil Asmodeus himself running through his veins, that is how he got his name. Raised in the lap of luxury he wanted for nothing and was doted upon by everyone around him. As he grew older though he yearned for real friends and not the sycophants that he was always surrounded by due to his status.

When he was fifteen he left his home in the middle of the night, taking a small pack of supplies and a pouch of platinum coin with him. He set out to find his own way in the world away from Cheliax, where he would need more than his name to get by.

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In short he travelled east, got jumped by bandits, was saved by a group of adventurers, they let him travel with them. they went to the mountains north of Falcon's hollow lookin for dwarf artifacts.


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