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Dara Althwaite is a half-elf inquisitor of Abadar who has left Almas on his first major assignment: investigating possible human rights violations and tax evasion committed by the Lumber Consortium of Falcon's Hollow.


Dara is a rather petite specimen of his race. Measuring in at only 5'4" and 120 lbs., he barely stands as tall as his human mother, despite his elven heritage. His lithe build and impossibly disheveled hair give him the appearance of a carefree spirit, but these features belie an incredibly stolid demeanor which stems from being reared and educated as an outsider among the privileged Andoran elite.


The illigitimate son of an elven diplomat and a Taldan courtesan, Dara was always the pretty but unwanted child. His parents and step-parents were always more than willing to support him and bestowed on him some of the best clothes, entertainment, and education that money could buy... so long as they didn't have to publicly acknowledge him. This meant he was stuck in boarding schools for years at a time and only painfully returned home for special holidays and events.

Dara did what he could though to make his presence less of a burden, often earning recognition and awards for his model behavior and public service that his parents could be proud of. Whether or not it was for him personally, and not just the shining example of his parents' tax dollar contribution to the community, Dara didn't care. He accepted the praise he received from them and took great pride and satisfaction in helping the populace. He loved absorbing the splendors of the city, volunteering for both the city watch and the various law offices of the Abadar church that seemed to keep everything in working order.

Once his compulsory education was completed, Dara rounded off his adolescent years by training exclusively as an inquisitor for the church of Abadar, specifically working to ferret out tax dodgers and other white-collar criminals who attempt to unlawfully reap the benefits of civilization. After completing his initial training there though, it's come time for Dara to strike out on his own. Bidding a final farewell to his parents, made all the more final by their parting gifts and subtle wishes that he find happiness elsewhere, Dara is now undertaking a personal mission to restore order to the benighted region of Falcon's Hallow, where rumors of extortion and abuse are on the rise.