Kyoko Shiryu (clouded)
Kyoko Shiryu is a Tian-Min priestess and doctor who has decided to travel due to the low need in her homeland for medical specialists.


Kyoko is short compared to most humans at a height of 4'8". She has long black straight hair, milky white skin with most of it covered in tatoos depicting many mythological creatures and plantlife native to her home village. Her eyes are clouded over with a white haze though if you looked hard enough you could see underneath her eyes would be green if not for her oracle curse clouding her vision. Many people initially percieve her as a blind person.

Kyoko commonly dresses in robes made for priestests from her homeland which are all dyed different colors of red. Most of her clothes are made in the same fashion with large sleeves and long dresses. Usually only her shoulders are bare which people can see some of her tattoos where her hair dosen't cover them.

Early LifeEdit

When she was born, everyone thought that Kyoko was blind due to the state of her eyes. Once she began to walk and started walking as if she could see even in the dark, her parents began to wonder if something was different about their child. Soon enough they found she had a natural healing ability, her wounds would heal faster than most others and their own child's touch was soothing as well.

Later in her life she entered service of the temple, her parents hoping to expand her natural abilities more by having her work with the other priestests that were known to heal wounds through their prayers. While her powers did increase, eventually the temple found out it wasn't due to her worship but it was because she was gifted by the gods with her powers and not because she had initially asked for it like most priestesses. Soon enough Kyoko was no longer urged to stay but she did anyways as she found within the temple the practice of medicine in addition to magical healing was something that she was very interested in.

Often Kyoko was seen talking to thin air when she was younger. She told those who asked that she was talking with the spirits of the land and the dead. She however does not have the spirits negatively effect her like some others who have the same gift, mostly because most spirits don't know she can see them due to her clouded eyes.

At the end of her time in her homelands Kyoko found her gifts to be a bit wasted in her lands as there was very little need for a doctor or a priestess compared to other places due to the number of them in the area. At age 18 she decided with the support of the temple and her parents that she would travel to share her talents with the world so that they may be used more so than they would be in her hometown.

The Tiny Traveling DoctorEdit

Kyoko found early on in her travels outside of her home country that many people appreciated the help of a doctor and more so when someone actually needed immediate attention. Most of her traveling expenses were waived as she helped people in the towns she visited and was normally paid to travel with caravans for her medical expertise. Often when someone was injured and she was in the crowd, once someone found out she was a doctor she'd be carried to the front of the crowd both due to her light weight and due to her polite temperment she wouldn't force herself through a crowd normally.

A few times in her travels Kyoko was captured by bandits. Each time she would convince the bandits to not kill her in exchange for her services as a healer, at which point she became someone who was kept around for her abilities and not messed with in the camp. Eventually she'd either walk off when no one was looking or the bandits would be scattered due to the efforts of the military or adventurers and she'd be "liberated."

Soon after turning 19 when traveling through another Tian area she found her self growing weary on one of her trips and found a small farmhouse to spend the night not knowing initially that she'd meet a new traveling companion in the famer's daughter, Mingyue. They conversed and eventually Mingyue wanted to join her in her travels and Kyoko was definitely not going to turn down a Tian traveling companion.