Velken was raised in the typical Varisian way of life, on the move and on the outskirts of normal society. Taking part in his clan's performances since the earliest days of his memory he quickly became adept in the ways of Bardic entertainment. His family was often employed to tell stories and enact plays praising the local nobility to help instill loyalty in the peasantry. It was through these events that Velken quickly learned the true power of storytelling and the Bards by extension. While far from being accepted members of the community, Velken's clan's activities enabled them protection from the local lords and allowed them to avoid most of the harassment that many Varisian clans often experience.

One night, Velken dreamt of an image of Desna attended to by a throng of butterflies. Upon telling his elders of this, he was told it was an omen. All that could be known that there was a destiny about him and that hard times would soon be about him. Taking such a sign seriously, Velken struck out on his own to find his path.